Professional Anti-bacterial Towelette

Used in Gyms, fitness centres, hospitals, clinic and childcare centres.


FitLines Gym Wipes are specifically formulated to dissolve and remove various soils, are fast drying and leave no residue. They are easy to use and convenient for maintaining hygienic environments.


FitLines supply contemporary Wall Dispensers in an all-white unit or transparent cover to show the roll status for refill purposes. For our Gym Wipe buckets we have a stainless steel dispenser or a wire chrome stand for ease of dispensing towelettes.


FitLines Gym Wipe Refills are designed to suit our dispensers. They are available singularly or in a convenient pack of 4.

Premium Quality Antibacterial Wipes

Our wipes are developed and manufactured in the USA, clinically tested and eco-friendly our wipes are specifically forumulated to disinfect, stopping bacteria and germs in their tracks..